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Diamond Picture-All World _The Empire Of Caesar

[color=Blue][b]这部是我认为非常经典的凯撒大帝系列第一步,里面的表演非常的精彩,希望你也喜欢{:4_110:} [/b][/color] |2fh6XPV,f_/B

T1L8E)T/uRo [b]【影片名称】:Diamond Picture-All World _The Empire Of Caesar
j,dqp/]5e/S+S#G/u 【文件大小】:288 MB!R3y0b$t(LQJ]
\S ]] OH 【有套无套】:有套
^8],[(PU0[3p j 【播放格式】:RM[/b]
%ZI|_b EW+}P w [align=center]{d GeG@k6G
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ID?kc'En [url][/url]

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I   LOVE~~~

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:2: :2: :2: 喜欢喜欢 谢谢楼主了

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分享好片。喜欢喜欢 :2: :2:

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All Worlds Video Diamond Pictures-NLb:I6fU.I8\
The Empire Of Caesar [b]Volume#1-3oyd5v5e+MG6C
Empire of Caesar[/b]
s2bkV"nVuS )Jh6d]oJ&_g
[color=Magenta]They also had Volume 2 & 3[/color]2q*ijU xI
All Worlds Video Diamond Pictures-
c3as,b9y3vx The Empire Of Caesar [b]Volume#2-
i#b1]5Hm%N2C Master of the Sword[/b]W4o9H%vn.b(y2cTP

!hk6R%r&q.~ All Worlds Video Diamond Pictures-9N3G'E5YE!i P$L;c
The Empire Of Caesar [b]Volume#3-~^(q q%e s7J8p"X#i/a
9I%KyE-x;BAz5xF,A [img][/img]/C0U\4p]l7@k%_
FrontFK,Gb8Y(PX iM3[
[img][/img] M8p6kVFO#B
BackZ,s+~g#Sm.IP ws`
From the press notes:
f*`Wo*C l8G "The great emperor has returned from war, and now it is time for him to conquer the men of Rome.b ?3N'k^&y
Caesar's closest advisors celebrate his return to Rome, but Caesar the Emperor (Gino Francesco) has his sights set on celebrating his return with his lover Flavius (Claudio Antonelli). The two sneak off to a corner of the palace where Caesar drives his shaft deep into Flavius' tight hole. While the lovers are caught up in their passionate reunion, one of Caesar's closest advisors, Cornelius Lucius (Austin Rogers) catches them in the act but remains silent about what he knows - for the moment. Knowing that they have been discovered, Caesar throws his lover out.8Y9R!W0lW!|8f

!D#l&V4\m$g@6w9I In the baths Tares (Fredy Costa), Pireus (Dean Michaels) and Maximus (Andreas Harris) celebrate Caesar and then indulge in each other's soaking wet bodies. After sucking one another Pireus eagerly offers up his ass for all of the cock that Tares and Maximus can offer him. Then it is Maximus who bends over to let Tares and Pireus take turns plundering his ass. In the end Tares drops to his knees to worship his two stud bottoms cocks until they release their gooey spunk for him.
-bo7W g5?9n4V "Xiapqm L}$i
In another part of the palace Commodus (Helmut Muller) plots with Antonius Agrippa (Gerry Preston) and Caesar's lover Flavius to assassinate the Emperor. Cornelius, once again eavesdropping, overhears the conversation and wants Commodus' hot ass in exchange for his silence.
A)Y/T,}%rj Cornelius returns to Caesar, planning to tell him about Commodus' plot. Caesar however has other things in mind and begins to worship his beautiful cock. The two men take turns sucking one another off... and then Cornelius exposes Commodus' plan to Caesar.
h)b4|?;LG!? .r9VE0v!v2`R
Following a feast where Caesar unveils Commodus and Flavius as traitors, his men celebrate by indulging in their own bodies and stroking off in the baths. Crixus (Xavier Demarco), Marcus Crassus (Eric Flower) and Calaphus (Antonio Martinelli) each deliver massive loads as they stroke themselves into a frenzy.
:C ODT,x#v1? B1H]q%~
Elsewhere in the palace Publius Maximus (Kevin Cage), Trebonus (Mario McCabe), Gannicus (Alfredo Castaldo) and Titus Glabrus (Ettore Valentino) continue celebrating with their own roman orgy." z#W,JNJ\},H

1z&q4i5R&JE} 2005, 90 min
;\8[0\2] AI
]Fi-v8] Country:  Hungary 1Q;J$c6CF4O

|8BU1? N d,m Studio:  Diamond Pictures
EVL_ l ^[t }m$U1ima-aG%d` C
Cast:  Gino Francesco, Claudio Antonelli, Fredy Costa, Alfredo Castaldo, Andreas Harris, Antonio Martinelli, Austin Rogers, Dean Michaels, Eric Flower, Ettore Valentino, Gerry Preston, Helmut Muller, Kevin Cage, Mario McCabe, Xavier Demarco }&i z-juS

6Gb:h_2X5oBd?mE8r Director:  Csaba Borbely

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tq 4 sharing

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_,Y4Yy2X'Vs Y6U 支持下载!!!

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謝謝分享 :2: :2: :2:

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真销魂,简直就是享受呀 ,人间美味

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很不错 .. 感谢分享

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喜欢这个系列 很经典啊 呵呵

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Great movie. I like it!
or!lm4fK K*r Please share volume 2 & 3 as well. Thanks in advance~~~

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